From Feb. 1st, 2021 we will update and revise fees of most treatments offered at our dental office. New price list will be available at our reception and in advance at web pages. 

Thank You for understanding and we hope You will allow us to be your dental care provider in the future.


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Office hours:

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All emergencies are treated after prior phone confirmation.


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We do not have any contract with Czech medical insurance provider.

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For parking information please call 
+420 602 859 950

How can You reach us by public transportation:

Subway line A – Petřiny (or tram no. 1 or 18, tram stop – Obchodní dům Petřiny)

Our services

– Preventive and Pediatric Dental Care
– Cosmetics and Routine / Therapeutical Dental Care
– Implants + ALL-ON-4 surgery (on original patented implants)
– Prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, dentures)
– Endodontics (microscope)
– Pre – Orthodontic Diagnostic Care
– Painfree dental emergency care
– We offer treatment under sedation (currently unavailable)
– Treatment of excessive sweating (armpit application)
– Wrinkles and folds treatment using BOTOX and dermafillers

Speacial offer for not registered patients:

We do offer to not registered patients that are unsure about suggested dental treatment plan provided mostly by big private dental clinics a full evaluation showing if a suggested dental plan was really needed or not needed at all! We offer evaluation, examination resulting in a fair a really needed dental treament plan.

For this consultation we need your x-rays (bitewing and ev. periapical x-rays). If you bring your x-rays this service costs CZK 1500,- If you do not have x-rays and we would have to do them in our office You will be charged extra CZK 500-1000. At the end of this visit You will be awknoledged about a realistic and fair dental treatment plan. On your request we will give you an estimate for your dental work if done in our office. You can make yout decision if you want to undergo the treatment at our office or private dental clinic or your dentist.



Dental Hygiene:


Nikol Ulyanova


– Dental Chair Kavo Primus 1058
– Microscope Zeiss
– Intraoral x-ray Kodak 6100 (RVG)
– Intraoral camera Gendex
– Rotary root canal system VDW – MTWO + Endo IT
– Obturation Unit Sybron Endo

– Surgic Pro NSK surgical micromotor
– Electrocautery BONART
– Apexlocator Raypex 5 / Raypex 6 
– 3M Espe Capmix 
– Autoclave Lisa
– Ultrasonic cleaner Elma

Price list

Full assesment dental check up (no x-rays, adult / youth 15+ yrs) 30-60 min CZK 1.050
Full assesment dental check up (no x-rays, child, age under 15) 20-45min CZK 750
Bitewing x-rays (set of 2-6, adult / child + evalution)
CZK 500

Initial assesment dental check up including
x-rays (Adult – BTW, TP) 
60-120 min

Dental check up after 2+ years (without x-rays) 60-120 min

CZK 2.500-3.500

CZK 2.000

Initial complete oral evalution – including x-rays
(child age under 15, TP) 60 min
CZK 2.000
Complete oral evalution after 2+ years
(Child age under 15) – without x-rays
CZK 2.000
Limited exam and consultation (without treatment) 15-60 min CZK 500 – 2.000

Phone consultation

Administrative charges


CZK 200 – 500

Dental hygiene (adult) – Complete scaling + instruction
(1st visit or recall visit after more than 9 month) 60-90 min
CZK 1.590 – 1.990
Dental hygiene (adult) – Complete scaling – recall visit 45-60 min CZK 1.390
Dental hygiene (kids – based on time 15-60 min) CZK 800 – 1.550
Tooth filling – composite (strat. / layering technique), based on size and difficulty CZK 1.500 – 4.500
Tooth filling (child) one fee for all sizes (GIC / composite) CZK 1.500
Anesthesia CZK 150 – 450
Crown on tooth (based on material and laboratory) CZK 3.500 – 11.900
Home whitening (including trays) CZK 4.900
Teeth whitening home and In-office (including trays) CZK 7.900
Tooth extraction (from easy to complicated surgical)  CZK 990 – 5.000
Root canal treatment (child, 1 decidious tooth) including core build up / filling CZK 3.500 – 5.000
Microscopic root canal treatment (based on difficulty, number of roots and particular tooth) including core build up (regular or inlay-core – post), without a crown CZK 8.450 – 21.250
Implant – original Nobel Biocare brand (Sweden)

CZK 22.000




Extra charge for emergency treatment out of office hours (based on difficulty and treatment length) CZK 3.000 – 5.000
Emergency treatment during dentists office hours (after prior phone confirmation) free